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Creative Concrete Resurfacing strives to bring our customers the very best in high-value, reasonably-priced products and services
Creative Concrete Resurfacing was formed in 2002 after its founder, Cal Erickson discovered there was a better way to provide quality products and services, in and around the the Atlanta area, without the exorbitant prices being charged by the national brand companies that he had been working for, and competing against since 1991. Large companies come with large overhead costs. Those costs get passed along to you, the customer, in the form of higher prices. Commissioned sales staff, contract training of employees, big budget advertising, and big company waste costs the customer money. There is a better way.
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By working through pool and building contractors CCR Atlanta is able to keep the advertising costs low. The person who comes to your home or project site for the free estimate is Cal himself, so you know you're talking to the decision maker. Call Cal and see how you can save too!
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